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Unitree A1 High-performance AI Quadruped Robot.

Unitree A1 Quaadruped Robot Dog by Unitree Robotics2

Unitree A1®

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Unitree Robotics A1 is the true “one and only”. There is no other high-performance quadruped robot, in this price range, with such incredible performance.

The Unitree A1 is known to be a true art of AI technology with its high-performance abilities. The A1 quadruped robot is the top seller of UnitreeRobotics® company and also a number one Asian competitor to famous Spot from Boston Dynamics. Both robots are in the same performance category but not in the same price category as Unitree A1 tends to be almost 7x cheaper.
Unitree Robotics A1 is the famous robot dog from this video.

The Unitree Go1 is a NEW 2022 quadruped robot dog, that will soon be available. This AI quadruped robot dog is one of the most advanced Unitree masterpieces so far with easy-to-use AI controlling technology. The revolutionary ground behind this robot is low pricing as it was designed and developed especially for mass markets with low prices in mind.
Unitree Robotics Go1 is currently in production and will be available in 2022.

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UNITREE Robotics® SHOP | Official Unitree Robot Dogs A1 Go1
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