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Unitree AlienGo

Unitree AlienGo


Unitree Aliengo – robust, high-performance quadruped robot

Unitree Aliengo, which was designed as a research platform, is a high-performance quadruped robot that can traverse uneven terrain, climb gradients of up to 21° and remain stable even if kicked, all at a maximum speed of 1.5 m/s for up to 4 hours on a single charge. An integrated depth perception vision system enables real-time 3D map creation and navigation planning, along with human posture recognition tracking and face recognition.

An impressive payload capacity of 10 kg, combined with a rich external interface and ROS support, make sensor integration with this robot dog simple and straightforward. While incredible agility and a range of special movements, including backflips, creeping, and lateral locomotion, allow Aliengo to navigate complex environments.


  • Research and development
  • Education
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Patrol and detection
  • Last-mile delivery
  • Care
  • Exploration and rescue


High performance

  • The patented design is based on rigorously tested self-developed technology so that Aliengo is calibrated to derive maximum performance for the longest possible time, while it’s integrated body is made of polymer plastic, carbon fibre and aviation-grade aluminium.

Long life

  • Unitree Robotics has developed a lithium battery pack with an incredible 4.5 hour operating time, allied with an intelligent built-in air cooling system that automatically senses the temperature and cools accordingly.

Incredible stability

  • Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm enabling swift regain of balance following impact or falls.
  • Force control technology grants compound control of the robot dog’s joints, realising full control of triple-axis posture and position for multi-terrain adaptability.  Aliengo can run with equally strong stability on rugged gravel roads or grass.

Athletic performance

  • 12 high-performance servo motors.
  • Maximum walking speed in excess of 1.5 m/s
  • Robust, shockproof fuselage stands up to significant impacts
  • A highly agile quadruped robot capable of numerous special movements
    • high speed running
    • running backward
    • lateral movement
    • in-situ turning
    • creeping forward
    • rollover
    •obstacle crossing
    •obstacle avoidance
    •climbing in place following a fall
    •ascent and descent of slopes and steps

Rich open system

  • Sofware control interface divided into high level and bottom level
  • Control interface supports C / C++, ROS and more
  • Allows reading of numerous types of sensor data
  • Allows control of single motor or single leg movement

Rich external interface

  • Developer version with onboard PC and corresponding open interface
  • External interface: 3 x USB, 2 x HDMI, 2 x Ethernet, 1 x 485 port
  • Integrate a range of interactive systems for numerous applications: vision camera, LiDAR, robotic arm, GPS

Multi eye intelligent depth camera

  • Global shutter and wide field of view
  • Minimum sensing depth – 0.11 m
  • 1280 x 720 depth resolution

Visual odometer camera

  • Highly optimized V-SLAM
  • Closed-loop offset <1%
  • <6ms delay between gesture motion and motion reflection
  • Fisheye lens imager combined with near hemispherical FoV (165° +/- 5°) enables fast-tracking with fast movement

Depth vision – real-time 3D map creation and navigation planning

3D environment construction – while in motion Aliengo uses the cameras to obtain colour and depth information of the environment, then reconstructs the 3D spatial information of objects with the help of a specific vision algorithm.

Probability map – octomaps / probability maps are created bu the cameras as the robot moves, detecting surroundings and providing obstacle data.

Dynamic obstacle perception – when the robot encounters a dynamic obstacle it refreshes that map data within a particular range, discarding the ‘moving artefact’ left by the dynamic obstacle on the map.

Global positioning – global and local real-time positioning functions are available during the process of map creation.  The map will follow the camera’s perspective in real-time, supporting real-time zoom, movement and rotation.

Loop detection – Aliengo maintains high loop-back accuracy in a wide range of fields, high positioning accuracy within a certain range, maintaining stability with a certain oscillation amplitude, with drift or loss.

Human posture recognition tracking and face recognition

Body posture recognition – Aliengo’s deep learning module enables the colour camera to identify specific human postures and conduct human-machine interaction, the robot can then make movements that correspond to different body postures.

Human skeleton perception – the robot can analyse and calculate the two-dimensional skeleton information of the human body according to colour information from perspective, and analyse and calculate the three-dimensional skeleton information and motion of a specific character using depths of field.

Target person tracking – when multiple pedestrians are present, Aliengo can be instructed to lock on to an individual by a particular posture (eg raising the left hand), the robot will then follow the movement of the target,

Unitree AlienGo Kit Includes

1 x Unitree AlienGo
1 x Unitree AlienGo Battery
1 x Unitree AlienGo Charger
1 x Unitree AlienGo Remote Controller

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